Our Organic Breads and Pastries

After 33 years of operation, the Alpine Bakery has a long history of Organic and Artisanal Baking. Its team is dedicated to serve a large variety of authentic vegan breads, pastries, and even products made without gluten!

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Our Traditional Brick Oven

Every evening, locally harvested, cut, stacked and dried firewood is fed into the chamber at the center of the brick oven, which is the centerpiece of the Bakery. Reaching temperatures of up to 800° F, by baking time in the early morning, it has mellowed to about 600°. The artisanal bakers then feed it with bread dough that has risen in special baskets, giving the finished bread a unique and beautiful appearance.

Bread brick oven

Bread bakes faster in the brick oven, and develops a delicious, crispy roasted crust and a special flavour. The brick oven is the key to bread so lovely it qualifies as a work of art.


Bread Baking Schedule

Our baking schedule changes with the season and our creative bakers like to experiment and innovate:

We donate at least 1% from sales to support environmental causes.

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:30am to 4pm


Changes from July 2nd on We are re-opening the cafe and patio We offer curbside pick up and delivery

Where to find us

411 Alexander Street, downtown Whitehorse, Yukon Territory