The Organic Produce Club


Ordering a Produce Bag

A way to get great organic and Fair-trade Fruits and Vegetables every week!


  • Bachelor bag:   $25 to $35
  • Half & half bag: $60 to $65
  • Full order bag:  $95 to $110


Depending of the quantities you need, you can choose between those three types of bag:

  • Bachelor bag: One small bag of half fruits and half vegetables. It is made for one person, for a week.
  • Half & half bag: One full bag of half fruits and half vegetables. This is enough to feed a small family for a week.
  • Full order bag: One full bag of mixed fruits and one full bag of mixed vegetables. This is a large quantity of produce for a big family or institutional setting.

Feel free to discuss quantities with the front counter staff while placing your order. If you want only fruits or only vegetables, you can specify it to us !

How It Works

The Organic Produce Club is a weekly grocery-purchasing service. Just come by the Bakery at the beginning of the week, sign up, indicate the type of bag you would like to receive, and pick up your bag the next coming monday.

Your order can be placed at the bakery or by phone until the bakery closing time (6 pm) on Wednesday at the latest.
Late orders can be prepared, however, the customer may not receive the full selection of the week.

On the Monday or Tuesday, one week after placing your order, come by the Bakery to pick up your order. Payment is done at the front counter.
We will happily delete the produce you do not enjoy or double the ones you love. Just write your preferences on the signup sheet.

Where do the produce come from?

Most fruits and vegetables are selected by the Produce Club and come from Discovery Organics, a great little Vancouver company, that emphasises organic and Fair-Trade food at a reasonable price from BC, north of the US and the closest countries (when it comes to tropical fruits).

The Produce Club tries to select produce as seasonal and as local as possible. In summer and autumn, we support our local farmers and offer you what grow locally.


organic produce bag


Why buy an Organic Produce Bag?

It is Organic:

Whether you are interested in your health, the environment, wildlife or social justice, organic food is the way to go!
So much of our food supply is unnecessarily sprayed with chemicals and a lot of chemical fertilisers are used by farmers to increase their crops yield. An organisation has done some research and came up with “The Dirty Dozen:” Twelve of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. By eating organic, you support an ethical lifestyle!

It is Quality and Fresh:

We chose our Produce suppliers, Discovery Organics for its thorough selection of qualitative products. Then, our Produce Club staff always tastes and checks the produce before making up the bags.
It happens that the produce don’t look super handsome. This is because the farmers don’t use chemicals to make their produce look shiny or perfect, but we ensure that they will be always very tasty!

It is Fun:

It is an adventure to buy a surprise bag! No more burning brain to find out what to make this week and you will discover so many good produce that you are not used to cook.

It is convenient:

The regular size Produce bag will provide you with enough food for a week. Some staples items like onions, garlic, apples…, some unusual produce like rutabaga or asian pears, and seasonal and locals products to cook delicious meals all along your week. You will have to sign-up for the week after and come pick up your Produce bag at the bakery once a week.

It is Fair-Trade:

Fair-trade is a way of doing business that cuts out big multinational corporations and directly supports the small farmers who grow the product. It has positive effects on communities, the environment, and quality of life.
At the Produce Club, we import Fair-Trade tropical fruit (mangoes, bananas, etc) and vegetables whenever possible. Our produce supplier, Discovery Organics, has fair-trade partners in Mexico, Ecuador, and other places.

It is ethical:

By buying a Produce bag, you support healthy farmers, communities and ecosystems. We always try to select our produce from local farmers (when possible), or as close as possible from here, and produce from the current season.

Other Guidelines

  • Orders are available for pick up on Monday after 3pm, except when Monday was a holiday.
  • If Monday was a holiday, orders will available for pick up after 3 pm on Tuesday.
  • Cancellations must be placed by Wednesday at closing time.
  • Customers whose orders have not been picked up by Thursday will have their credit card charged the full amount.
  • As the produce has no preservatives, we will not be responsible for items that are not picked up by Wednesday at closing.


Contact Produce Club

Email enquiries can be sent to
You can also call the Alpine Bakery: 867 668 6871

We donate at least 1% from sales to support environmental causes.

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:30am to 4pm


Changes from July 2nd on We are re-opening the cafe and patio We offer curbside pick up and delivery

Where to find us

411 Alexander Street, downtown Whitehorse, Yukon Territory