Artisanal Breads

From European specialties like Ciabatta and Vollkornbrot, to local fare like Alaskan and Yukon Sourdough Potato, we have breads for every occasion and for every taste.

Many of our artisanal breads are baked in our wood-fired brick oven. Baking in the Brick Oven gives bread a crisp, roasted crust, a beautiful appearance, and a different flavor than conventional breads.

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Our flagship bread, a soft white bread with a surprising depth of flavor. This is a yeasted bread with a touch of our heritage sourdough for taste. Every day, we have a choice of conventional and brick-oven Alaskan available.

Sunflower and Flax

We vary our Alaskan bread by adding sunflower kernels or nutritious flax seeds to make distinctive and delicious new breads.


A traditional German favorite. Dense and flavorful, this 100% rye bread is actually at its peak texture and flavor 2-3 days after baking! A naturally-fermented, yeast-free bread.


Sourdough doesn’t have to be sour! Carefully-made, our Multi-grain bread has a delicate and complex taste and toothsome texture.


A classic and distinctive Italian white with open airy texture, great for serving with pasta, stews, fondue or for making sandwiches. We make a variety of ciabattas, including Regular, Kalamata Olive, Rosemary, Caramelized Onion, Walnut & Anise, and Roasted Red Pepper. We make regular and one or two seasoned ciabatta varieties every day.

Yukon Sourdough Potato

With nice chunks of potato and a mild sourdough taste, this satisfying rustic white bread is always baked in our brick oven.

Whole Wheat

Mostly hardy whole wheat flour with a little white for lightness. A mixture of sourdough and yeast.

Beer Bread and German Rye

These 100% naturally-leavened breads come from two distinct bread-baking cultures.  German Rye is a blend of wheat and rye.

Expedition Bread

One of the first breads of the Alpine Bakery, the special expedition bread is great for trips (will last 4-5 weeks without refrigeration) or as a healthy snack for children. Sweet but not cake-like. Dense and easy to pack. Thinly sliced, the bread is excellent with cheese or peanut butter.

We donate at least 1% from sales to support environmental causes.

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