Our Specialties

Our famous Fruitcake

“Charmingly homemade.” — Wall Street Journal
Our fruitcake is famous even in New York!

At Alpine Bakery, we make wholesome fruitcakes using organic ingredients. Choose either our dark fruitcake with twice as much fruit as batter, or try our light fruitcake.  Ideal for gift-giving or complementing holiday festivities.

For lovers of the outdoors, wrapped slices of fruitcake in your backpack are a welcome treat and/or survival food because they keep well and are rich in nutrition. Our fruitcake has been used on many adventures, including a Geological Survey of Canada scientific expedition to Mount Logan, Canada’s tallest peak, as well as RCMP and dogsledding expeditions.

The majority of commercial fruitcake producers use ready-made mixes of cut fruit that come from industrial farms along with a variety of chemical preservatives. At Alpine Bakery, we hand process chemical-free organic dried fruits. While this process is time-consuming and labour-intensive, the end result is a much healthier and higher quality product, evident in the cake’s moisture and flavour.

Light Fruitcake – $59.50

Dark Fruitcake – $59.50


Expedition Bread

One of the first breads of the Alpine Bakery.

The special expedition bread is great for your outdoor trips (will last 4-5 weeks without refrigeration) or as a healthy snack.

Sweet but not cake-like. Dense and easy to pack.

Thinly sliced, the bread is excellent with cheese or peanut butter.


Our fine Home-made Chocolate

You will have a great choice of chocolate, from the naturally flavoured truffles, to the Appreciation bars, the famous hedgehogs or the barks studded with almonds, cranberries and different seeds.

Made with organic, fair-trade, 70% dark chocolate. You will not resist!

organic truffleorganic chocolateOrganic chocolate

We donate at least 1% from sales to support environmental causes.

Holiday Hours

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Please place your orders before Wednesday, Dec. 20 for pick-up the following days until Dec. 23.
Pre-order before Christmas for pick-up Dec. 29 and 30.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8am to 6pm
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The bakery will also be open now on
Mondays, from 8am to 6pm

Where to find us

411 Alexander Street, downtown Whitehorse, Yukon Territory