Our Vision

We are what we eat. In the modern world of globalization, this old adage takes on new meaning. Food and food production are affecting and changing our world in subtle and profound ways. Our food choices are no longer geared towards physical health. Instead, deciding what we put on our tables and in our mouths has become a political, environmental, social and spiritual choice.

Alpine Bakery’s vision goes beyond daily bread to working more mindfully towards making positive changes in the world. Its mission is to offer wholesome organic food products, promote healthy and sustainable alternative lifestyle choices and foster social and environmental activism to its customers and community.

Community Support

The Alpine supports many charitable ventures in Whitehorse and around the Yukon. We regularly donate extra food from our café to service organizations such as the Salvation Army.

Where possible, we try to purchase local vegetables for our café and Produce Club. In the summer and fall months, we make arrangements with local farmers to provide us with many basic staples.

Our Organic Produce Club serves the Territory with an affordable, regular source of great organic vegetables.


All our food scraps from the bakery are composted by a local farmer, and we recycle everything that can be recycled, down to the plastic bags! As such, our busy little business generates very little solid waste, keeping many thousands of pounds out of the landfill every year.

All of our flour, sugar, vegetables, chocolate and dairy products are 100% organic. We always choose organic ingredients when available. Organic agriculture is proven to reduce soil erosion and water pollution in agriculture. Organic food is also more nutritious and usually supports smaller, family-style farms rather than big business.

See this Canadian site for more information on organic food!


We only use fair-trade chocolate, sugar, coffee and, when available, tropical fruits. Fair-trade certified means tropical farmers get a fair price for their products and can afford better, healthier lives out of poverty. Click here to read more about Fair-Trade. We even have fair-trade African baskets for sale!

We feature many vegetarian and vegan options in our café and catering, because plant foods are proven to improve health, and consume fewer resources (land, fuel, and water) than animal foods. If more people get their nutrition from plant foods, many animals are spared needless suffering.

Our Partners

Alpine Bakery works closely with other progressive-minded companies to provide the best food for you. We are privileged to work with these fine examples of ethical business.

Our Grains & Flours

We believe in direct cooperation between bakers and farmers. We order our flour and other grain staples from Grainworks Ltd., an organic family farm and grain company based in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Fruit & Vegetables

Our longtime produce-partner is Discovery Organics, another family-run business. It is a Vancouver company dedicated to supporting small family growers both in Canada and also internationally. They work directly with farmers in the tropics, cutting out the big business middlemen that often exploit them unfairly.

Chocolate & Sugar

We are proud to only serve fair-trade and organic chocolate and sugar, provided by the Ottawa-based co-op La Siembra, who make “Camino” brand foods. Chocolate and sugar are luxury products often associated with slavery, injustice and environmental devastation, which can be avoided by direct relationships supporting the farmers themselves.


Our coffee comes from the Yukon’s very own Bean North Coffee Roasting Co! Their fantastic organic beans come from all over the world and are roasted in a charming rural café near Whitehorse, YT. They have close relationships with the farmers growing their beans, and pay them a fair price.

African Market Baskets

We sell beautiful hand-made baskets from African Market Baskets. This progressive company works directly with a basket-weaving community in North Eastern Ghana, near the Sahara Desert. Proceeds go directly to helping improve healthcare, education and financial support to over 1,000 African villagers and their children.

1% FTP

Our policy is “not just talk, do it”.  Alpine Bakery is now a member of 1% FTP—we will donate at least 1% of sales to support environmental causes.  1% FTP is a world-wide alliance of businesses of any kind who annually donate 1% of revenues to NGOs acting on environmental purposes.  The NGOs can be chosen independently by each member.

We donate at least 1% from sales to support environmental causes.

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:30am to 4pm


Changes from July 2nd on We are re-opening the cafe and patio We offer curbside pick up and delivery

Where to find us

411 Alexander Street, downtown Whitehorse, Yukon Territory